Understanding Traceability

Consumers get what they pay for. Each load of fish we haul in from the Great Lakes can be traced back to the boat it came from and the day it was caught. Purepac fishing ports are located in key locations on the Great Lakes and other inland lakes where the best fresh water fish are sourced.

The Right Fish for the Job

Light seasonings? Choose a delicate fish like walleye. Heavier sauce with stronger herbs? Choose White Bass. It’s good to learn how best to cook each type of Purepac fish. Look for Purepac blogs and Facebook posts to learn how to best prepare and cook each type of fish for your maximum enjoyment.

Understanding Sustainability

At Presteve, sustainability is more than just preserving our stock for the future. It’s responsibly taking stock in our future. We take every measure to ensure fish and seafood is harvested in an environmentally-conscious manner.  

Learn Fish Handling

Just as you would poultry, it’s important to keep fish cold and prepare it in a clean environment separate from other foods. When you buy Purepac fish, you can be sure that it has been hand filleted by a professional who values the delicious protein they are preparing for you.