Discover Our Story

You can trust that the Purepac fish you bring to your family is caught and prepared for maximum flavor and nutrition. We hope you'll try some of our Chef's delicious recipes!

Caught by experienced fishermen

From generation to generation, our fishermen learn to be on the water in the early mornings to catch the best quality fish and deliver it at the peak of freshness. Our fish is caught from ports with long histories of catching only quality fish from the Great Lakes and other fresh waters.

Processed by hand

To meet our exacting standards, each fish is hand-cut by a skilled filleter to make the most of each delicious bite.

Quality is not by chance

When you are catching the highest quality fresh water fish in the world, you are happy to undergo quality assessments and food safety standards procedures that give our customers even more peace-of-mind. The only taste you want is quality… and that’s what Purepac delivers.