The key to good health Know Your Fish

Unmatched Quality

Nutritionists recommend you enjoy two to three servings of quality fish every week.

You enjoy fresh caught flavour every time because Purepac fish is trucked from port to processing to your store in quick time!


Purepac fish can be traced back to the day it was caught and the boat it was caught on. We believe transparency is key to providing good food that our customers can trust.  

Purepac fishing ports are located in key locations on the Great Lakes and other satellite operations. We go where the best fish are!


Each Purepac fish is hand filleted. Our experienced fish filleters come from all over the world and are proud and committed to preparing your fish with precise care.

From generation to generation, Purepac fishermen are out on the fresh waters of the Great Lakes bringing only the best fish to your family. It’s pride and passion for our skills that makes Purepac the best.


Sustainability is a top priority at Purepac fishermen. We take every measure to ensure Purepac fish is harvested in an environmentally-conscious manner. Purepac fish come from freshwater fisheries that have been declared “Excellent” by Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Purepac works with freshwater specialists to ensure we are aware of all factors related to keeping a sustainable ecosystem and fish population. Keeping the Lakes pure and preventing over-fishing is important to ensuring the environment thrives.

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